fragments of the lost.


I literally CANNOT wait to read this book. Megan has fast become one of my favorite authors!


top 10 creepy reads.

I love Halloween. It is my second favorite holiday behind Thanksgiving. And I LOVE a spine-tingling, creepy, suspenseful book any time of the year. But if you are looking for the perfect book to curl up with – here are my 10 most favorite books – perfect for Halloween!



carry me home.

i had absolutely no idea what this book was about when i signed up to review it on this blog tour. i loved the cover art. i am not ashamed to admit that i will pick a book up simply because of its cover.

truth be told, jessica almost lost me in the first few chapters. i know absolutely nothing of gang culture or lingo and some of that was hard for me to follow at first. i’m glad i powered through those first chapters though.

i really liked this book.

it is marketed as a YA book, and while i agree that it would be appropriate for a mature YA audience, i will say it isn’t going to be for everyone. it is gritty, violent, and graphic.

i loved the dichotomy of the small town girls moving to the big city – but this took a dark turn and quickly separated itself from your typical YA girl with a dream sort of book.

our protagonist is well developed in the present but i would have loved more of the backstory we get a small glimpse of at the end. lucy at times seems overly complicated for a 15 year old girl – but then in the same moment she is your typical teenage girl. she wants to be loved and accepted and thinks she has the world figured out. we can all relate to that feeling. we were all teenagers who knew it all at one time. jessica crafted lucy in a heartbreakingly real way.

i wish that i had felt like i knew some of the rest of the characters as well as i ended up knowing lucy. i definitely feel like her mother, sister, and father have depth, but that we just caught glimpses of that depth. i would love to know them all more. but that is for another book or my imagination i suppose.

this book IS not for everyone and definitely not the faint of heart.

this book IS for anyone who wants to go on a wild ride to the bottom and back with a young girl and her family just trying to find their way.

4/5 stars for carry me home.

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CMH Ebook Cover

Carry Me Home
by Jessica Therrien
Published by: Acorn Publishing
Publication date: September 26th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Thriller, Young Adult

“A riveting page-turner… Jessica Therrien broke my heart into a million pieces — and then put it back together again. This book will haunt and uplift readers long after they turn the last page.”
-KAT ROSS, best-selling author of The Midnight Sea

CARRY ME HOME is a fictional novel inspired by the true story of a teenage girl’s involvement in several Mexican gangs in San Jose and Los Angeles. The members of her crew call her, Guera, Spanish for “white girl” and it doesn’t take long for her to get lost in their world of guns and drugs.

* * *

Lucy and Ruth are country girls from a broken home. When they move to the city with their mother, leaving behind their family ranch and dead-beat father, Lucy unravels.

They run to their grandparents’ place, a trailer park mobile home in the barrio of San Jose. Lucy’s barrio friends have changed since her last visit. They’ve joined a gang called VC. They teach her to fight, to shank, to beat a person unconscious and play with guns. When things get too heavy, and lives are at stake, the three girls head for LA seeking a better life.

But trouble always follows Lucy. She befriends the wrong people, members of another gang, and every bad choice she makes drags the family into her dangerous world.

Told from three points of view, the story follows Lucy down the rabbit hole, along with her mother and sister as they sacrifice dreams and happiness, friendships and futures. Love is waiting for all of them in LA, but pursuing a life without Lucy could mean losing her forever.

Ultimately it’s their bond with each other that holds them together, in a true test of love, loss and survival.

Jessica Therrien is the author of the young adult series Children of the Gods. Book one in the series, Oppression, became a Barnes & Noble best-seller shortly after its release. Her trilogy has been translated and sold through major publishers around the world, such as Editions AdA (Canada), EditionsMilan (France), and SharpPoint Press (China).

Aside from her Children of the Gods series, Jessica is the author of a kid’s picture book called, The Loneliest Whale. Her award-winning stories can also be found in a published anthology of flash fiction.

Jessica currently lives in Irvine with her husband and two young sons. She is working on an a YA suspense thriller series and a middle grade fantasy series.

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Couple in car teaser.jpg

Ok. I am just going to be totally honest here and let y’all know that this is my first BB Easton book. I’m a sucker for a good cover and BB’s books have covers that remind me of my old zine so…

This book isn’t for the easily triggered. There is vulgar language, rough sex, and violence. Sometimes seemingly simultaneously.

I’m not easily triggered.

I loved this book. It was gritty, honest, and to the point. Though I definitely was not having that kind of sex when I was 16! Seriously, you may want to wait til the kids go to bed to read this one, ladies!

While I’m sure reading the previous books would have been helpful on some level – I think this book could stand on its own. I appreciate that I wasn’t completely lost just jumping straight into speed.

Though I didn’t run around with skinheads or know many beautiful boys that wrenched on vintage cars I could relate to the character development in BB’s writing. I found myself thinking back on the way we dressed and the music we listened to and honestly, bb and i could have run in the same crowd or crossed paths at a show once upon a time!

This is a can’t put down sort of book and I enthusiastically give it 4/5 stars!

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Author Bio:
BB Easton lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with her long-suffering husband, Ken, and two adorable children. She recently quit her job as a school psychologist to write stories about her punk rock past and deviant sexual history full-time. Ken is suuuper excited about it.


speed preview:

It was love at first sight. A late ‘60s Mustang fastback body style, matte black paint job, matte black rims, blacked out windows, and a massive open-air scoop on the hood. It looked like something straight out of Mad Max.

“Can I help you with somethin’?”

I turned and met the amused stare of a broad shouldered, baby-faced, blue-eyed mechanic. His dirty-blond hair was pushed back in a messy pompadour. His forearms were covered in hot rod tattoos. His pouty bottom lip was pierced. And his name was embroidered on the A&J Auto Body shirt hugging his hard chest.

Hellooo, Harley.

“Sorry,” I sputtered. “I know I’m probably not supposed to be back here, but I…” I looked back up at the beast on the lift and a deep longing seized my chest. “I just can’t leave her.”

Harley—if that was even his real name—chuckled and said, “So, you like the ladies, huh?”

“What? No!” I snapped.

“Good.” The mechanic smiled, and the twinkle in his mischievous blue eyes reminded me just how much I liked boys.

Trying to bring the subject back to cars and away from my sexual orientation, I looked around the garage and pointed to my faded black hatchback on the farthest lift. “I drive the baby version of this.”

Harley glanced over at my most prized possession and nodded in approval. “Five-oh, huh? Not bad. Manual or automatic?”

“Manual,” I groaned.

“No shit? Your boyfriend teach you how to drive that thing?”

“No,” I said, letting my mouth hang open in pretend offense.

“Ah,” Harley nodded. “You met him after you got the car.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” I said, rolling my eyes. I had to bite the insides of my cheeks to keep from smiling. God, he was cute. The guy had a face like James Dean and a body like Dean Cain. And that accent. Living in the south, Southern accents are a dime a dozen, but Harley’s was just subtle enough to be cute. Cute, cute, cute.

Harley smirked at me and asked, “Your old man must be a car guy then, huh?”

“You got me,” I smiled. “I’ve been hoarding all his old Muscle Car magazines since I was a kid. I used to cut out all the Mustang pictures and tape them to my bedroom walls, but the tape fucked up the sheetrock so my mom bought one of those clear plastic shower curtains with the photo pockets and—”

Harley held up a hand to silence me. “I’m gonna have to stop you right there,” he beamed, “’cause right now all I can picture is you in the shower and I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna be able to process another word you say.”

Oh my God!

I could feel the prickly heat of a blush creeping up my neck. I bit the insides of my cheeks to keep my face from splitting open into a blotchy, big-toothed grin caused by his sexy little comment had caused. This guy, Harley, had to be in his early twenties, he was fiiiine as hell, and he was flirting with me.

Having no idea how to respond to that, I tried again to change the subject. “So, what do you drive?”

“Hmm…” Harley tilted his head and smirked. “Why don’t you take a guess?”

Oh, we’re playing games now. Okay…

I tapped my lips with my fingertips and eyed him, thinking hard.

“You strike me as a…Volkswagen Beetle kinda guy.”

Harley almost laughed, then quickly scowled, trying to look offended.

“No? Oh, I got it. PT Cruiser.”

Harley pursed his ample lips, fighting back a grin.

“Wood-paneled Pinto?”

That one had him wrinkling his nose in genuine horror.

“Oh, I know—it’s a trick question! You drive a Vespa!”


I was running out of ideas, so I looked around the shop and spotted a ‘64 Impala lowrider. “Ooh! I found it. Right there,” I said, pointing to the hoopty. “The gold rims were a nice touch. I bet you even put hydraulics on it, didn’t you?”

Harley finally let out the laugh he’d been biting back. It was deep and raspy and made my insides tingle. “You’re getting warmer,” he said. “It’s actually on hydraulics right now.” Harley lifted an oil-smudged finger and pointed to the matte black sex machine above my head.

if the creek don’t rise

image001if the creek don’t rise by Leah Weiss is quite the debut novel. i will 100% admit that i was interested in reading this book because i loved the cover photo. this is a gritty, emotional portrayal of the life and struggles of an apalachian community that was told with depth and sensitivity.

leah’s characters are crafted so exquisitely i felt like i was in their kitchens or on their front porches listening to them tell me about their lives.

sadie blue is the protagonist and though she is beaten down and has had a life no one would envy, i could tell she was a spitfire meant for great things. i honestly couldn’t help but get wrapped up in her story. she was at times familiar as a character. her struggles – while most of the time completely foreign to me – were at times something i think most young women could find something in common with. she is poor, poorly educated, hopeful, naive, and trusting despite her situations. leah wrote sadie in such a way that you have to root for her.

the cast of characters at her side are all supportive (save for her husband) in their own ways and in learning about their lives which happens via their own chapters which occur throughout time and simultaneously with sadie blue’s life we learn how the events that shape the resolution of this story had been put into place years prior.

i cannot recommend this book enough. it was a quick read for me and though the tension was slow to build overall, the intense bursts of drama that were placed in the story so expertly make it hard to believe this is leah’s first work!

4.5/5 stars from this girl!


love in the friend zone.

Love in the Friend Zone Banner

i love this book!

i love, love, loved this book!

it took me a minute to get into the book because i was in the middle of another book and just generally a little busy but holy buckets! i really started this book at about 1 in the morning today and finished up about 330. now, in all fairness i’m a super fast reader in general, but also, this was unputdownable and i stayed up extra late just to finish it because there was no way i could go to bed not finishing this book!

molly has written characters and situations that are pretty believable. i mean who didn’t have a friend they secretly loved for a bit? i feel like this book definitely could have been written based on a personal experience. the attention to detail was fantastic and molly’s ability to convey the kaleidoscope of emotions that come along with quietly loving someone with ALL YOUR HEART is spot on.

seriously. this is a lovely read. it is quick, twisty, fun, and such a fun flashback to being a teenage girl! go get this book. you can get it right here or !

4/5 stars from this girl! can’t wait to read more from molly!


The only thing worse than not being able to tell your best friend you’re head over heels in love with him? Having to smile and nod when he enlists your help to ensnare the girl of his dreams.

Braylen didn’t even want to go to Lennon Pryor’s epic graduation-night party, but when Fynn begs her to be his “wingwoman,” she can’t deny him. Talking up her BFF—how he’s magic behind a camera, with a killer sense of humor and eyelashes that frame the most gorgeous blue eyes in the history of forever—is easy. Supporting his efforts to woo someone so completely wrong for him? Not so much.

Fynn knows that grad night is his last shot before leaving for college to find true love. And thanks to Bray, he gets his chance with the beautiful Katy Evans. But over the course of the coolest party of their high school careers, he starts to see that perhaps what he really wants has been in front of him all along. Bray’s been his best friend since kindergarten, though, and he’d rather have her in his life as a friend than not at all.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains one epic party, complete with every high-schoolers-gone-bad shenanigan, and two best friends whose sexual chemistry is off the charts…if only they’d succumb to it.


Molly E. Lee is an author best known for her debut novel EDGE OF CHAOS, and as a fourth year mentor at Pitch Wars – a program which connects promising writers to established authors in the community. Molly writes New Adult and Young Adult Contemporary featuring strong female heroines who are unafraid to challenge their male counterparts, yet still vulnerable enough to have love sneak up on them. In addition to being a military spouse and mother of two + one stubborn English Bulldog, Molly loves watching storms from her back porch at her Midwest home, and digging for treasures in antique stores.


Twitter: @MollyELee


diary of a teenage jewel thief.


this summer has been a true crime summer for me. so much murder and so much dark, dark, subject matter.

i was very happy to get the opportunity to review diary of a teenage jewel thief so that i could read something a little less serious and cleanse the pallet so to speak.

this book was a super fun read. i thought it would be super predictable but i was pleasantly surprised at the well placed twists and turns!


Most sixteen-year- olds shouldn’t know where museums keep their rarest jewels (the basement) and they shouldn’t know that vans make the worst getaway cars. But for Marisol Flores, a life of jewel thievery is a birthright handed down from generation to generation, even if she didn’t ask for it. So when a rival thief targets Mari and her mother, Mari’s more than happy to flee to the anonymity of bustling New York City.

Blending in is a dream come true for Mari, but keeping her former thieving ways a secret gets way more complicated when handsome Will Campbell sets his sights on her. She can’t help but like his terrible puns and charming grin…but when her past catches up with her, it’s not only her life—and her anonymity—that’s at stake.

Will could be the next target.


This is definitely a fast paced, exciting read. Even though Mari is a jewel thief by birthright, she is written in a believable way. Rosie’s characters are authentic, real-life people. I mean, if I knew any former jewel thieves, I imagine that they would be very similar to Mari and her family.

I definitely recommend throwing this book in your beach bag! It is quick, witty, and was just the book I needed when it hit my radar!

4/5 stars from this girl!

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Rosie Somers is a beach-going book addict who’s been crafting stories since before she learned her ABCs. When she’s not busy trying to bring the characters in her head to life on paper, she can be found volunteering with local animal rescues, crocheting funky hats for her friends, or eating herself into the poorhouse at Chipotle. Her fondest dream is to one day own a goat.

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true north.


true north is book numero two in the true born trilogy. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ TRUE BORN (BOOK 1) STOP RIGHT NOW AND GO READ THAT. seriously. 100% not kidding. this is not a stand alone sequel. you simply must read book 1 or you will be struggling to make connections and fill in gaps in the story.

so, that being said, i previously reviewed true born. i really enjoyed true born so i jumped into true north with pretty high expectations. i was not disappointed.

true north was exactly what i needed it to be as the second book in a trilogy. some loose ends from book one were tied up and some excellent groundwork was laid for book three!

true north taps into a little more of the science of Dominion and can get a little tedious at times, but it isn’t tedious to the point of boredom. at no time was i ever bored with this book!

if you love a good futuristic adventure with some genetic splicing and romantic tension – you’ll really dig this series!

4/5 stars from this girl!

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about the author


L.E. Sterling

I was a voracious devotee of sci-fi and fantasy novels all through my childhood, so I suppose it doesn’t come as much of a shock that I’ve returned to the genre with a vengeance. 

For a while I turned my back on the genre in favour of ‘high-brow’ literary texts. Ironically, it was my doctoral degree that saw me circling back. There’s something about the way postmodern literature plays with the arcane that had me utterly fascinated, and it wasn’t long until I fell headlong back into my old ways and haven’t looked back since.

My first novel, which isn’t in the Urban Fantasy or Fantasy genres, isn’t high literature, mind you, even if it tangles with some serious statements about politics and the way our western world runs. My editor described it as something between Charles Dickens and The Catcher in the Rye: Serious Fun, in other words.

My second novel, Pluto’s Gate, is where I’ve come home to myself: it’s a contemporary retelling of the Demeter-Persephone-Pluto story from Greek mythology. Folded into the mix is a Shaman-in-training, a magical book, Underworld Gods, a world covered in ice, a three-headed dog, and one lousy ex-boyfriend.

But I’ll tell you this much: I believe in the power of words and stories to transform our inner worlds. Whether the characters be vampires or vagabonds, a good narrative sucker punches so-called reality anyhow.

i love 13 reasons why.

warning: i talk about rape, suicide, and swear a bit.

so. 13 reasons why.

i’m just going to lay it all out there. i’m so sick of reading people’s pissed off diatribes about the netflix original series and jay asher’s book.

i was admittedly pretty excited when i learned that netflix was turning this book into a series. i read the book a few years ago while working at the local middle school and i know i couldn’t put it down and that i absolutely loved it.

to be clear, never ever is this book described or presented as a 100% accurate representation of suicide, high-school life, or how to navigate being a teenager. this book is FICTION. say it with me – FIIIIIIICTION. now, i’m assuming if you’re reading this you know what fiction means. because if you don’t, then i don’t really want you reading my blog anyway because i literally review FICTION like 99% of the time.

and to be clear, the above sentiment stands absolutely true for the netflix series as well.

so, get over it. this show wasn’t a manual for how to appropriately handle teen suicide. nor was it meant to be some medically accurate portrayal of depression.

were there things that bothered me about the book/show? you bet. i wasn’t a huge hannah fan in general. i gave her mad props for utilizing cassette tapes to show the people who had failed her exactly how they’d failed her. i thought she was petulant and childish and honestly GET OVER IT HANNAH. yes these people all failed her in some way. but we all have friendships that change, most of us have a friend that ended up dating/hanging out with/going out with one of our exes, in all reality – even the rapes in the book are not as uncommon as people would like to think. i know people who have fought through some real heavy shit. i’ve been though some real heavy shit. and i wake up every morning and get my ass out of bed and handle the shit that needs to be handled. i could go on and on about mental health and therapy and the power of the mind, but that isn’t for this post. so yeah, as someone who made the choice 20 years ago to handle my shit EVERY SINGLE DAY, i didn’t buy into all of hannah’s woe is me crap.

a majority of what hannah talks about on the tapes is stuff we’ve all probably dealt with but the rapes are no joke. i’m in no way trying to downplay the severity and traumatic repercussions of rape. on that note though, i have seen a lot of complaints about the rape scenes and how they are triggering (um, hello, they’re rape scenes) and unnecessary to the show. first of all, they’re part of everything that leads up to hannah’s suicide, so i’d say they’re pretty relevant and necessary. secondly, it literally warns you before the episode that there will be graphic depictions of sexual assault. so you actually get a warning. you know it is coming at some point in that episode. it isn’t some crazy, out of left field, sneak attack rape scene. and it is literally pretty real as fuck. i mean, i guess i don’t know what an accurate rape should look like, or if the actual problem people are having with the rape scenes is that they decided to show jessica and hannah being raped and we don’t like to see rape because then we have to acknowledge it is a real thing.

i’ve also seen a lot of complaints about how the show doesn’t address the actual issue of depression and hannah’s mental health. well guess what? it doesn’t have to because that isn’t what the book and subsequent show were about. the book isn’t meant to be a guide for how to help your friend who is depressed. it isn’t a blueprint for how to appropriately deal with teenage angst and depression and it sure as shit isn’t meant to be some suicide hotline PSA. so chill out people. seriously.

i loved this book and this series for exactly what it was. people are shitty. teenagers are some of the most awful people out there. i was a teenager. i was pretty awful on more than one occasion. i stole a boy out from under a friend’s nose, i used people and took people for granted and walked away from situations when i should have stayed. i kept my mouth shut when i should have been the one to speak up.

i will say though, 13 reasons why has been added to my list of books/movies/shows 14 year old kids should have to watch/read before starting high school. audrie & daisy, a girl like her, the hunting ground, bully, cyberbully, and hate list are all on this list as well. i think kids need to fucking see how serious their words and actions can be taken. slut shaming, cyberbullying, rape – they aren’t just problems that happen somewhere else to someone else’s kids. they literally happen right here. right in your backyard. social media has made it incredibly easy to destroy another person without ever having to look them in the eye. that was what this story was about for me. did i think hannah was a brat? yes. would i have killed myself over anything on those tapes? no. but i was fortunate enough to be a teenager sans social media. i would not have wanted to navigate the toughest years of my life with a facebook account. that is for goddamn sure.

so. there’s a really all over the place rant about people ranting about 13 reasons. chill out. i loved both the book and the series and have continued to love them because i’m not trying to turn them into anything more than what they are.

if you haven’t read/watched 13 reasons yet, i recommend doing both. if you have a teenager i recommend letting them read/watch and having an open dialogue about depression, suicide, and bullying.

and if you read/watch it and hate it, that’s cool too. but really, i loved it.