35226186woah, caroline. woah.

i had no idea what i was getting into when i got an advanced copy of providence. (thank you random house and netgalley!)

all i know is that i LOVED you hidden bodies and that i’m seriously dying to see the t.v. adaptation of you!

so, i went into this book figuring it would be some sort of dark-ish story about love and protection.

jon is the weird kid and chloe is the cool girl. and she’s nice to him, and she likes him, and he loves her. and then he disappears. and then he comes back – 4 years later – but he’s changed. he’s strong. and he’s not just strong, he’s lethal – even when he doesn’t want to be or mean to be. so he disappears again. he loves chloe so much has to leave because if he doesn’t he’ll destroy her.

chloe is in love with jon in such an achingly familiar way. he disappears and she’s lost without him. everything about her becomes about him. her artwork is him. her thoughts go back to him. she knows if he were to come back it would be him – always him. even when she is in other relationships it is so clear in how she is written that it will always be jon.

and it is weird, and bizarre, and fascinating. i’m not really a fan of super power/curse stories. but the changes in jon after he is released from captivity didn’t annoy me. i think they were written into his character so well that i didn’t find them to be ridiculous or far fetched.

providence is a love story. and a story of survival. and a story of protecting the ones you love even at a crushing detriment to yourself.

if you’re expecting a stalker love story a la you – you’ll be disappointed. this book is nothing like kepnes’ first two. i am amazed at how strong her voice is even though this story is so different. it is refreshing to read an author i love who in just 3 books has managed to master her voice without telling the same old story over and over.

5/5 stars from this girl. i can’t wait to get this hardcover beauty on my shelf!




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