i like you like this.

i spent my friday night reading i like you like this by heather cumiskey. i didn’t intend to read it in one sitting – it just sort of happened. i couldn’t put it down.

hannah zandana is our protagonist in this story set in 1984. she’s not the pretty girl, she’s not the popular girl, she doesn’t have cool parents, she’s seemingly a nobody at her high school. and like most teenage girls in that social caste she very desperately wants the “it” girls to like her. an attempt at elevating her status ends up changing her life dramatically.

heather’s characters are very well developed. she absolutely knows how to write believable teenagers. so many times in YA books i think that teenagers are written more like 25 year olds, but in this book i could see myself sitting with these kids in the cafeteria at school – the nuances and mannerisms were spot on.

this book is heart wrenching, dark, twisty, and yet still beautiful and hopeful.

i am so very glad that i read this book.

4/5 stars from this girl.

get it here!



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