23492630this book. thiiiiiiiiiiiis book. i will forever be so grateful that my friend siendra had read this book and mentioned it to me.

if you’ve read any of my other posts, you may have noticed i either read dark, dark, dark, or happy-go-lucky. i really don’t have a middle ground. i either want a super cheesy romance or a can’t sleep with the book next to my bed creepy. and while i do 97% of my reading on my kindle, if i LOVE a book – like really, truly LOOOOVE a book – i simply must own an actual copy of the book. i own this book.

you is not a super cheesy romance. you and super cheesy romances don’t even hang out at the same bar.

admittedly this review is long overdue. i read this book in a day – partly whilst sitting by the pool (no longer pool weather in iowa) and mostly while staying up way past my bedtime because i couldn’t go to bed without finishing this book.

you is about joe. caroline tells this story in joe’s voice. caroline writes this book in such a way that i found myself invested in joe’s story. at times i felt bad for joe. at times i could picture joe just like any other guy. but joe was simultaneously this knowable character and then the most vile, horrible guy guinevere beck ever could have crossed paths with. but joe isn’t the only vile person here – beck is not really a peach herself, and a relationship between the two actually didn’t seem that far fetched or gross in the beginning.

caroline kepnes is a masterful writer and i cannot wait to read providenceyou is absolutely not for everyone. it is dark and depraved but gritty and sort of real. this whole story revolves around a relationship born of a book store purchase and a google search. that shit can actually happen. stalkers are real. the internet is powerful. i think that is what upped the creepy factor so much for me.

5/5 girls from this girl. go get a copy here.

find out more about the author on her website:





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