devils within.

2017 Debut Authors Bash Bannerdevils within by S.F. Henson is hands down one of the best books i read in 2017. this book is dark and tackles some really heavy subject matter that is unfortunately relevant in today’s world.

Nate is born into white supremacy and raised with a level of violence that leads to murder. this story is told with flashbacks and memories that made Nate’s choices both troubling and understandable.

this story is a real look at what makes a family a family, the ties that bind, really brings attention to the struggle of nature vs. nurture and whether we are hard-wired to be evil or have the personal strength to overcome the evils in life to find good.

i loved this book and it stayed on my mind for a long time after i finished it. i highly recommend adding it to your list of books to read!

5-5 from this girl.

S.F. Henson is giving away a signed copy, just click to enter!


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