follow me back




this book. you guys. go get this book!

follow me back is an intense read and i loved it so much when i read it on my kindle that when i found it at target i had to have the physical copy as well!

i had the chance to ask AV some questions! see what she had to say and enter to win a copy of follow me back!


M: What is your ideal writing scenario? Do you have a routine?

AV: I prefer absolute silence when I’m writing. I like listening to music when I’m spinning out a plot, but not while I’m drafting or editing. I can’t handle coffee-shop background noise, either. When I’m under a tight deadline, I’m most productive late at night with my house dead quiet, after the rest of my family has gone to bed.

M: How do you start your books? Character development, setting, plot,etc.?

AV: Plot plot plot plot! I’ll churn out a complete outline before I do anything else. Characters come to me as part of the outlining process, but they don’t take shape independently from the story events happening to the them. Once I have the plot and characters settled, I’ll often start drafting pure dialogue first – almost like I’m transcribing the screenplay of a movie I see in my head.


M: What is the most well loved book on your shelves?

AV: My copy of Jane Eyre is falling apart because I’ve read it so many times.

M: What advice do you have for someone trying to get started on their first book?

AV: Just write it. Don’t worry about making it perfect (or even good) when you’re first starting out. I see a lot new writers who draft a few chapters and then scrap the project – over and over again. That doesn’t work. Dissatisfaction with your writing is a normal part of the process! The only way to learn is to write a book start to finish. Then write a second one… and a third one… and a fourth… Follow Me Back was the fifth novel I completed, and I still consider myself a beginner with tons of room for improvement!

M: How long did Follow Me Back take from inception to publication?

AV: I first came up with the outline three years ago, around the holiday season in 2014. Publishing is sloooooow!

M: Any updates on that second book?
AV: Yes! The sequel to Follow Me Back has a title, TELL ME NO LIES. It will release in June 2018 (currently available for preorder), and it picks up with Tessa shortly after the end of the first book. Tessa has left Twitter and migrated to Snapchat… The story follows the same general structure, with lots of police interview transcripts and social media action!

Want to win a copy of Follow Me Back from the author herself? Just click here!

Contest open to US/Canada residents only.


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