in a dark, dark wood.

oh my goodness. ruth ware. seriously. this girl has earned a spot in my top 5 right now.

i will be the first to admit that i first checked this book out because of the cover. this cover:


i’m very happy to tell you that the pages lived up to the cover! ruth ware has a phenomenal twisty thriller here.

adequate amounts of booze and some maybe not so friendly rivalries at a hen weekend set the stage for this delightful read. (a hen weekend is a bachelorette party) we’re taken back and forth between our protagonist in the hospital as she recovers from wounds she can’t remember getting and the events of the hen weekend that have landed her in the hospital. a well crafted web of characters make this book easy to slip into.

i devoured this book and immediately purchased it as a gift for someone and read the girl in cabin 10 because i wasn’t ready to be done reading ruth ware just quite yet! i can’t wait for her next book and am excited to see that this is being made into a movie!

seriously. 5/5. loved it!


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