where they found her.


where they found her is a wonderfully constructed story by an author whose books i find myself devouring the same way i did dark places, luckiest girl alive, and the girl on the train.

mccreight crafts this dark story in a shockingly delicate way. decades of secrets are unraveled as our protagonist, Molly – an arts/entertainment reporter for a local paper, is given the assignment of covering the discovery of the body of an infant found in the woods near the local private college.

the story is an opportunity for Molly to get out there and prove she is more than a features writer. the story is also the push Molly needs to conquer some of her own demons after the loss a child and her struggles with motherhood in the face of paralyzing grief.

through the voices of Molly, Sandy (high school dropout w/a junkie mother), and Barbara (police chief’s wife and blissfully ignorant mother) secrets are revealed that unravel decades of lies that the idyllic suburban life in ridgedale has been built on.

if you like books that keep you up well past your bedtime because you just have to read one more chapter than this book is for you.

where they found her gets 4/5 stars from this girl!

pick up your own copy of Where They Found Her on amazon and let me know what you think!



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