all the missing girls.


lately i’ve been reading 1 of 2 sorts of books. dark and twisty or colleen hoover. all the missing girls is definitely dark and twisty. this book has been popping up in my recommended reads lists on amazon, goodreads, audible – basically everywhere. so, i finally gave it a read and holy buckets am i glad i did!

i loved this book so much.

when first started it i was prematurely almost put off by the fact that this book works in backwards chronological order with flashbacks throughout. i thought that might make the story line unnecessarily hard to follow, but i actually ended up really enjoying the way megan miranda told this story. i have a knack for figuring out the big twists well before they’re revealed but i credit the reverse order of events in this story for keeping me on my toes.

the characters were real people. i felt like they could be people that anyone would know. normal people in this fantastic plot that while completely nuts and surprising at every turn was absolutely believable.

there were moments in this book where i was right there. megan’s portrayal of the small town dynamic was pretty spot on. swap her north carolina foothills for iowa cornfields and the summer in this story could be any small town american summer. i loved that. i love being able to become completely absorbed in a book. books are my me time and this book had my undivided attention from the very first page.

i highly recommend picking this book up – which you can do here: All the Missing GIrls and i definitely give this book a very enthusiastic 5/5!



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