one night.


they say never to judge a book by the cover. i am absolutely guilty of being a cover snob. i don’t think there is anything wrong with being excited about a book because it has a great cover and this cover is the best. it reminds me of travel agency posters and nostalgia.

deanna cabinian has a gem of a book here. i am not sure what exactly i was expecting after first reading about this book, but one night is a charming coming-of-age story told from a very refreshing perspective. the characters are well crafted and thoroughly developed. it was a wonderful escape to follow Thompson and Johnny on their summer adventure.

my favorite thing about this book was the voice it is written in. it was refreshing to read a book in the YA world that was written from a male perspective. deanna expertly crafted a quaint, endearing story line with characters that you will find yourself wanting to hang out with.

4/5 stars for one night! want a copy so you can see for yourself? enter below to win!

about the authordeanna-cabinian
Deanna Cabinian has worked in radio, television, and magazine publishing, but her greatest passion is writing. A graduate of Northern Illinois University, she has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a Master’s degree in sport management. She writes from wherever she happens to be, but the majority of her writing is done from Chicago. When she isn’t writing she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and family.


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