it ends with us.

27362503this book.

i loved this book.

this book was one of those stay up late – read during any free minute you have sort of books.

this book tackles some really intimate, sometimes uncomfortable subject matter. domestic violence, homelessness, gun safety, parenthood, first loves, and great sex.

this book had so many layers and stories all working to build the nuances and details of lily, atlas, and ryle’s lives in the present. i loved and hated the characters in this book – i found myself conflicted at times. the way this book was written my realist type-a side was often warring with my optimistic, maybe this is that one time things will actually work out side.

i had knots in my stomach, and butterflies at times. this book was twisty and surprising and raw and so believably real.

trigger warning though – if you’ve dealt with or are dealing with domestic abuse – there are some pretty tough situations in this book.

5/5 for this one. read it. it is worth the book hangover, i swear!


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