deep water.


i was beginning to wonder when i would have to write a not so favorable review. like maybe people would stop giving me ARCs if all i wrote was good reviews.

well – i did not like this book.

it is getting 1 star because it is a super fast read.

so we start out with an angsty possibly lesbian/bi-curious protagonist (mattison) ripping wood paneling off of a beach-side restaurant in the beginning throes of a hurricane. she’s mad at the restaurant for exploiting beach goers? i don’t know. said protagonist then gets knocked out by the paneling and swept off of the pier. we’re eventually informed that this was actually a suicide attempt-ish way of proving/not verbalizing her crush on her best friend (kym). but then when kym comes to visit mattison after she is out of the hospital it is unclear if the two girls had hooked up before or if mattison had told kym how she felt and been rejected prior to the hurricane.

regardless they make out a little bit and it gets awkward and then not awkward. and they have this really strange possessive sort of relationship where clearly kym is conflicted bc she wants to bang her best friend but she does not like girls. but she likes the guy she tries to push mattison on to so she won’t have a crush on kym anymore. but she doesn’t want mattison to not love her so they have a threesome? (well try to anyway) SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. 17 year olds questioning their sexuality jump straight into threesomes now? god i’m getting old.

then we throw in an alcoholic dad, a homophobic mom, parents who don’t support their children’s college choices, a garage fire, the word “dyke”, and boom. that’s it. that’s all. until the end of course when we learn that kym is heartbroken enough to spy on mattison and the new love of her life (it has been like 3 days) and have a crazy old dude threaten to beat them up for their sinful ways.

what the hell. i don’t even know what happened. i feel like i missed a bunch of pages or something.

i mean, i can see where the story line could actually be pretty great. one of the things i love about ya books is the exploration of feeling and problems that will always be relevant. falling in love for the first time is fantastic and complex and i love reading about that now that i’ve been there and was there long enough ago that i can fully appreciate the life lessons learned at that age. this book could have been great. girl questions her sexuality and naturally experiments with her best friend bc come on, that is not that strange. bestie gets weird about it and wants her friendship back the way it was but also starts feeling jealous about the new people in her friends life. throw in a little family drama back story, develop some of the outlying characters a little bit and explore how all consuming first crushes can be and how the complexities of being 17 can change your life completely in just a few days.  none of that happened though.

1/5 stars.


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