remember to forget.


if there were some read a book a day challenge going on somewhere i’d totally be on track this week!

remember to forget by ashley royer was fantastic.

  1. ashley’s writing is masterful. she didn’t dumb down her writing or mechanics just because this was a young adult book.
  2. her characters are appropriately developed with out being to detail-y.
  3. she builds this gut wrenching tension several times throughout the book that just reminds me of being that age and how emotional and raw that time of your life could be.
  4. she didn’t candy coat the grieving process or mental health issues that are fairly common in teenagers and often go unaddressed. i lost a very close friend in high school and can remember some of the same feelings.
  5. i literally went to school with these kids. the characters in remember to forget aren’t these crazy, unrealistic high-schoolers living these ridiculous, unreal lives like so many book characters do these days. they were normal. they were the kids you sat by in math class. they were the kids you passed in the hall.

i think it is tough to write characters and story lines that provide the escape from reality aspect that any good book should provide while simultaneously making those characters and the story line something that the reader can relate to. the ability to write in a way that can make someone lose themselves in a book is a gift – and not a gift that all writers  have.

i was lost in this book.

i thoroughly enjoyed reading remember to forget and i look forward to reading more from ashley.

5/5 stars.


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