it has been a while since i have read a book out of the erotica category. i got swept up in the craze when fifty shades and the crossfire series hit the scene. after awhile they all started to sound the same and i got really, really tired of reading the same scenes being played out by different characters in a different glamorous metro-chic locale. billionaire pretty-boy meets troubled middle-class early twenty-something and gets her to step out of her sexual safety zone.

oh. ver. it.

but, i’m a sucker for a good cover.

i have never read any of Jones’ other books so i didn’t know what to expect going in but with multiple books/series in her resume i figured at most i would be out the time it took to read another mediocre effort at keeping this erotica craze alive.

my expectations were greatly exceeded. i really enjoyed this book. Lisa Renee Jones writes adult content with adult level grammar. my biggest complaint with other erotica that i’ve read is that it was written for adults but by someone who really didn’t know how to write for adults. it is hard to read really hot sex scenes that are written like they’re written for someone with an eighth grade education to understand. not denial. even if i hadn’t like the story line of this book i would have given it 3 stars because it was actually that well written.

so, grammar nerd expectations aside – this is a great first book in what i hope is a well developed series. denial had a carefully crafted story line that thankfully didn’t center around some poor, helpless girl being rescued by some dude in tight jeans. don’t get me wrong, ella is a little helpless at times and kayden is a little typical hot-rich guy in tight clothes at times, but in just the right doses. the character development is spot on. i finished this book knowing pretty much everything i needed to know about all the major players at this point of the story. this is book 1 in a series so obviously i anticipate there will be more character layers revealed.

i appreciated the twists in the story line and the set-up for book 2. like i really cannot wait for book 2. i read denial in a day and loved it. i’ll definitely be checking out more of lisa’s work soon!

i give this book an enthusiastic 4.5/5 stars!


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