you before anyone else.


second book in three days.

you before anyone else was a good read. i can imagine it getting tossed into beach bags this summer.

i am giving this book 4 stars. it is well developed, twisty, and well written. this was one of those books that i enjoyed reading because it was pretty realistic. i mean, i imagine it is realistic – i’ve never been a model living in an agency apartment in manhattan…but if i ever had i feel like this book wasn’t that far off.

the characters were well written and seemed like real people which doesn’t always happen. i feel like sometimes one character gets developed really well and then other key players can get left in the shadows, but everyone that had a pivotal role in the story line was developed appropriately.

this is a romance but it wasn’t a predictable, typical love story. there are lots of layers and there was plenty of story line that focused on the characters as individuals.

if you’re looking for a good little dramatic romance, you won’t be mad if you pick this one up.


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