deep water.


i was beginning to wonder when i would have to write a not so favorable review. like maybe people would stop giving me ARCs if all i wrote was good reviews.

well – i did not like this book.

it is getting 1 star because it is a super fast read.

so we start out with an angsty possibly lesbian/bi-curious protagonist (mattison) ripping wood paneling off of a beach-side restaurant in the beginning throes of a hurricane. she’s mad at the restaurant for exploiting beach goers? i don’t know. said protagonist then gets knocked out by the paneling and swept off of the pier. we’re eventually informed that this was actually a suicide attempt-ish way of proving/not verbalizing her crush on her best friend (kym). but then when kym comes to visit mattison after she is out of the hospital it is unclear if the two girls had hooked up before or if mattison had told kym how she felt and been rejected prior to the hurricane.

regardless they make out a little bit and it gets awkward and then not awkward. and they have this really strange possessive sort of relationship where clearly kym is conflicted bc she wants to bang her best friend but she does not like girls. but she likes the guy she tries to push mattison on to so she won’t have a crush on kym anymore. but she doesn’t want mattison to not love her so they have a threesome? (well try to anyway) SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. 17 year olds questioning their sexuality jump straight into threesomes now? god i’m getting old.

then we throw in an alcoholic dad, a homophobic mom, parents who don’t support their children’s college choices, a garage fire, the word “dyke”, and boom. that’s it. that’s all. until the end of course when we learn that kym is heartbroken enough to spy on mattison and the new love of her life (it has been like 3 days) and have a crazy old dude threaten to beat them up for their sinful ways.

what the hell. i don’t even know what happened. i feel like i missed a bunch of pages or something.

i mean, i can see where the story line could actually be pretty great. one of the things i love about ya books is the exploration of feeling and problems that will always be relevant. falling in love for the first time is fantastic and complex and i love reading about that now that i’ve been there and was there long enough ago that i can fully appreciate the life lessons learned at that age. this book could have been great. girl questions her sexuality and naturally experiments with her best friend bc come on, that is not that strange. bestie gets weird about it and wants her friendship back the way it was but also starts feeling jealous about the new people in her friends life. throw in a little family drama back story, develop some of the outlying characters a little bit and explore how all consuming first crushes can be and how the complexities of being 17 can change your life completely in just a few days.  none of that happened though.

1/5 stars.


call me, maybe.


after tearing through just a girl by ellie cahill, i wanted to check out some of ellie’s other work. call me, maybe was $2.99 on amazon so i downloaded it and pretty much jumped right in.

the main characters are literary nerds who love books and love to write and like good music and i love all of those things – so, once again i really loved her characters. though i cannot charter a private jet to paris for the weekend, i didn’t find clementine to be totally unrelateable. and i honestly appreciated that the girl got to be the rich and powerful one for once!

like i said for just a girl, you will be able to get lost in the pages of this book; call me, maybe is an absorbing read that is pretty impossible to put down!

5/5 stars. loved it.

just a girl.


if you want a good, quick, steamy read – this fits the bill.

record stores, rock-n-roll, musicians, and sex. pretty much a good recipe for a hot read.

the writing was imaginative and intelligent.

AAAAAAND – i’m adding this little bit now because i forgot in my initial review so i’m adding it right now (1:47pm 5.12.16) – ellie includes all of the fantastic little playlists after chapters with momentous happenings. and they were actually kind of perfect little playlists. so, if you’re a music junkie – you’ll appreciate that little added touch. music and words are two of the most special things in the world to me – and i loved their juxtaposition in this book!

definitely a good, quick read if you’re looking for a book to escape in to for a bit!

remember to forget.


if there were some read a book a day challenge going on somewhere i’d totally be on track this week!

remember to forget by ashley royer was fantastic.

  1. ashley’s writing is masterful. she didn’t dumb down her writing or mechanics just because this was a young adult book.
  2. her characters are appropriately developed with out being to detail-y.
  3. she builds this gut wrenching tension several times throughout the book that just reminds me of being that age and how emotional and raw that time of your life could be.
  4. she didn’t candy coat the grieving process or mental health issues that are fairly common in teenagers and often go unaddressed. i lost a very close friend in high school and can remember some of the same feelings.
  5. i literally went to school with these kids. the characters in remember to forget aren’t these crazy, unrealistic high-schoolers living these ridiculous, unreal lives like so many book characters do these days. they were normal. they were the kids you sat by in math class. they were the kids you passed in the hall.

i think it is tough to write characters and story lines that provide the escape from reality aspect that any good book should provide while simultaneously making those characters and the story line something that the reader can relate to. the ability to write in a way that can make someone lose themselves in a book is a gift – and not a gift that all writers  have.

i was lost in this book.

i thoroughly enjoyed reading remember to forget and i look forward to reading more from ashley.

5/5 stars.



it has been a while since i have read a book out of the erotica category. i got swept up in the craze when fifty shades and the crossfire series hit the scene. after awhile they all started to sound the same and i got really, really tired of reading the same scenes being played out by different characters in a different glamorous metro-chic locale. billionaire pretty-boy meets troubled middle-class early twenty-something and gets her to step out of her sexual safety zone.

oh. ver. it.

but, i’m a sucker for a good cover.

i have never read any of Jones’ other books so i didn’t know what to expect going in but with multiple books/series in her resume i figured at most i would be out the time it took to read another mediocre effort at keeping this erotica craze alive.

my expectations were greatly exceeded. i really enjoyed this book. Lisa Renee Jones writes adult content with adult level grammar. my biggest complaint with other erotica that i’ve read is that it was written for adults but by someone who really didn’t know how to write for adults. it is hard to read really hot sex scenes that are written like they’re written for someone with an eighth grade education to understand. not denial. even if i hadn’t like the story line of this book i would have given it 3 stars because it was actually that well written.

so, grammar nerd expectations aside – this is a great first book in what i hope is a well developed series. denial had a carefully crafted story line that thankfully didn’t center around some poor, helpless girl being rescued by some dude in tight jeans. don’t get me wrong, ella is a little helpless at times and kayden is a little typical hot-rich guy in tight clothes at times, but in just the right doses. the character development is spot on. i finished this book knowing pretty much everything i needed to know about all the major players at this point of the story. this is book 1 in a series so obviously i anticipate there will be more character layers revealed.

i appreciated the twists in the story line and the set-up for book 2. like i really cannot wait for book 2. i read denial in a day and loved it. i’ll definitely be checking out more of lisa’s work soon!

i give this book an enthusiastic 4.5/5 stars!

you before anyone else.


second book in three days.

you before anyone else was a good read. i can imagine it getting tossed into beach bags this summer.

i am giving this book 4 stars. it is well developed, twisty, and well written. this was one of those books that i enjoyed reading because it was pretty realistic. i mean, i imagine it is realistic – i’ve never been a model living in an agency apartment in manhattan…but if i ever had i feel like this book wasn’t that far off.

the characters were well written and seemed like real people which doesn’t always happen. i feel like sometimes one character gets developed really well and then other key players can get left in the shadows, but everyone that had a pivotal role in the story line was developed appropriately.

this is a romance but it wasn’t a predictable, typical love story. there are lots of layers and there was plenty of story line that focused on the characters as individuals.

if you’re looking for a good little dramatic romance, you won’t be mad if you pick this one up.

True Born (True Born Trilogy #1)


i’m a sucker for a good post-apocalyptic trilogy. Hunger Games, Divergent – yes, please.

i flew through this book. and i liked it.

true born is about identical twins born into a world where the plague has divided society into lasters, splicers, and true borns. money, loyalty, dominance, and a little bit of steaminess are driving themes in this book.

admittedly, i was a little unsure of this story after the first time we really see jared in action. shortly after starting the book i even told a friend that i wasn’t sure a i could handle another book with that element in its story line. it did not take long for me to get over that. the story took a different turn than i was expecting and i was pleasantly surprised.

very much looking forward to book 2!