please, pretty lights


please, pretty lights is a really good book.

it is well written and has a dark, twisty plot line. there were several dramatic things going on all at once. nice girl with a sordid past, strip-clubs, drug fueled night life, sex, music, relationships in crisis… a little bit of everything.

i liked the grit and the violence and the realistic drug use that often seem to get candy coated in books these days. there really isn’t anything glamorous about need a drug so bad you’ll risk a relationship – i’m sure it isn’t an easy place to be and Ina didn’t write about any of the trigger-warning situations like they were easy to deal with. i was expecting this book to be packed to the brim with molly and music fueled sex as it seemed like it could take that turn at one point early on – but the writer did a really fantastic job of balancing the sex-drugs-real life-back story aspects of her writing.

the only reasons i’m giving it 4 stars vs 5 is because i would have loved to see a little more character development with matt, nick, and some of the other club workers and i would have loved a little more detail about the big “oh shit” moment towards the end.

i read this in 2 days. this is a good weekend read or book to tuck in your bag for a trip to the pool or the beach this summer!

*i received and ARC in exchange for a review


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