luckiest girl alive.


this is one of those books that i had to read twice.

on my initial read through i gave it 4/5 stars on goodreads. i’ve changed my review to 5/5 stars after my re-read. this time around i had a little more time to read and enjoy the book. i wasn’t up against a waiting list at the library and i hadn’t just plucked the title off of a must read list.

i think that sometimes when i read a book because it was on list x, y, or z it can alter my expectations or reaction to the book. this was the next “gone girl” – so the expectations were already set pretty high.

i think what i enjoyed most about this book was the understated, quiet way in which we (as a society) talk about rape was addressed and i don’t know that that was her intention. i never felt like it was in my face or glaringly the only focal point of the book. jessica did a really great job of making everything surrounding ani’s rape so much more important than the rape itself. there is hesitation about the rape. was it actually rape? were all parts of it rape? does waking up during a rape and not being coherent enough to say “no” or fight someone off make it less of a rape? the conversation about the rape is quiet and quite realistic. i think that more often than not victims find themselves questioning their rape in a very similar way. the guilt and the assumption that they must have done something to bring it on, that they asked for it.

i think high school english classes should read this book. i think there should be conversations about this book and papers written.

i’m glad i read this book a second time. i highly recommend you read it too!


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