the house by the lake.

27256096i remember looking at photos of the abandoned paris apartment owned by Mme de Florian when it was first discovered and unlocked in 2010. so sad, and tragic, and romantic to think about this apartment that survived for so long undisturbed with all of those amazing treasures untouched for decades. (don’t know what i’m even talking about? go here!)

so take a true life story about a time-capsule apartment in paris, throw in a little romance, and boom – you really can’t go wrong.

i just finished the house by the lake by ella carey. i actually sort of loved this book. anna needs to find something her grandfather left in his childhood home before ww2 and simply by being back in her family’s pre-war home anna has to confront the reality of having family members that were very present for the rise of hitler and the devastation of ww2. this was a pretty good historical fiction with just enough romance.

i feel like after the 50 shades books exploded on the literary scene most genres got a little sexified. i don’t need a sex scene every 2 pages to maintain interest in a book. i appreciated that this book kept it real and didn’t turn the fascinating true aspects of carey’s story into the catalyst for more mommy porn.

i am giving this book a 4 star review on goodreads. it was good. i read it in a night plus a couple hours. i don’t know that i would have stayed up and given myself a book hangover if it had come to that, but it is a nice read and should definitely be in some beach bags this summer!


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