the duff.


since i began working at the middle school i have read so much YA Fiction. i’m a voracious reader and a fast one at that, so i often times find myself perusing the shelves of the middle school library in hopes of finding something awesome. i have truly been able to find some really amazing books in that library – books i may have never paid any attention to due to their location otherwise.

last thursday i picked up the book the duff (the designated ugly fat friend) for 3 reasons:

  1. i love mae whitman and she was in the movie version and i always read the book before i see the movie and the movie has been on my to watch list. (my feeling on this are below)
  2. several of the lockers outside of my classroom have had the duff cover on their locker to indicate it is what they are currently reading for language arts. if a bunch of 12-14 year old girls are reading it – it must be good.
  3. i’ve often wondered about the idea that many groups of girl friends have that one chubby/fat girl in their group. the idea of a “duff” isn’t a new one, and at one time or another i think that a lot of girls – even the cute/popular ones – have measured themselves against their friends and thought they were the not pretty one in the group.

this was a one-sitting book for me. i stayed up until 2:30 am to finish it because by the  time i realized how late it was i had passed the halfway point and i’m not a quitter. this book is not the first book i’ve stayed up super late to read and it won’t be the last.

the duff was good. the protagonist (B) was someone you wanted things to work out for, and the story actually had multiple antagonists who sometimes individually wreaked havoc for B, sometimes collectively and sometimes the actions of one antagonist allowed one of the others to be a hero, even if only momentarily.

there were parts of this book that made my stomach hurt. keplinger did a really great job of putting me back into the shoes of my 17 year old self. i was not the duff in high school, but i did experience some of the same emotions as B for different reasons. i love a book that i can get lost in and that gives me all the feels. i was stressed out, hopeful, nervous and teary-eyed. i gave this book 4 stars on goodreads.

the duff was good. it was really good. and shame on who ever butchered it whilst making it in to a movie.


2 thoughts on “the duff.

  1. I read The Duff several years ago, and I loved it so much that I refused to watch the movie that obviously was a butcher-type job for nearly a year. I did watch it recently, and I like it for what it was, but yeah, it was nothing like the feels I got from Kody Keplinger’s novel. I think they changed a lot of it because they wanted it to be a PG-13 book and the sexual relationship might not have worked for that rating. Still, I do wish that they’d stuck closer to the book.

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    • i agree! i had high hopes for the movie (i love mae whitman) but was massively disappointed! i look forward to reading some of keplinger’s other stuff but i don’t know if they’ll top the duff in the feels category!


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